Watch Brands Beginning with the Letter A at Ringmania


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Use the affiliate links below to find Watch Brands Beginning with the letter A for men, women and children at Ringmania.

Aboofan Watch Brands at Ringmania Aboofan

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Accurist Watch Brands Beginning with the Letter A at Ringmania Accurist

Accurist have been producing stylish and practical watch designs since the 1940s. Originally a family business set up by Russian immigrants, the British company was sold to Time Products Ltd in 2014 and the watches are now manufactured in Japan. The brand became a household name in England due to the production of attractive good quality wristwatches for both men and women and providing options for a variety of style preferences.
Accurist made their name as a British watch company manufacturing mechanical watches using components from Switzerland.
The introduction of quartz technology forced the company to move the manufacturing of it’s watches to Japan and China using Japanese movements.
Almost exclusively analogue, many with chronograph function, the collection includes everything from vintage to ultra-modern designs, with beautiful faces featured on leather and metallic bracelets. The women’s watches are nothing short of stunning.
Delicate and innovative bracelets are encrusted with stones to catch the light and add timeless glamour to your outfit. More easily wearable and practical daily pieces are also available, made with the standard and quality you’ve come to expect from the brand. Men’s watches are equally beautifully designed, with subtle masculine features creating a timeless look in silver and yellow gold.

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Adidas Watch Brands at Ringmania Adidas

Adidas is more commonly associated with sports clothing, footwear and its iconic trefoil logo, the German company also makes a variety of watches. Started by two brothers, Rudolph and Adolf Dassler the company began to produce shoes in their mother's wash house in Bavaria once they came back from World War I. While these shoes were good quality, the brothers' big break happened in 1936. Adolf drove from the family home in Bavaria to the Olympic Village in a bid to persuade sportsman Jesse Owens to use their footwear for his races. He agreed and went on to win four gold medals, which helped to cement a place in the fashion world for the shoes created by the Dassler brothers. As a result of this worldwide exposure, Rudolph and Adolf were selling as many as 200,000 pairs of shoes each year. It is believed that tensions began to form among the two brothers and their respective wives, and while the exact moment is hard to pinpoint, by the mid-1940s their relationship had soured and was thought to be beyond repair. In 1948, the Dassler brothers' business was disbanded. Adolf called his firm Adidas - a mixture of his first and second name - while Rudolph took a similar approach with Ruda, although this changed to Puma. While many consider Adidas to be short for All Day I Dream About Sport, this is in fact a backronym. At the moment, Adidas focuses on football kits and associated equipment. The German firm recently announced a colossal £750 million ten-year sponsorship deal with football giant Manchester United, which is not too far away from the £790 million that Malcolm Glazer paid for the club in 2005. One sporting highlight includes the creation of what is the world's lightest football boot that Real Madrid star Gareth Bale wore. Weighing in at 135 g, this model was debuted earlier this year and is 20 per cent lighter than Adidas' previous contender for this crown. In addition to this, Adidas was the official sponsor of the German football team who recently came up trumps in the 2014 World Cup. However, this is just one area in which the company operates. It also sponsors tennis players, baseball players, gymnasts, rugby players and basketball players. In addition to this, it sells a large range of accessories such as watches, eyewear, caps and a large range of hygiene products, like deodorant, aftershave and shower gel. Profits rose by 6.5 per cent in the first three months of 2013 for the German company, hitting €308 million (£244 million). This was attributed to a greater number of individuals purchasing its more expensive products.

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Alpina Alpina Watches Banner

Alpina has been associated with horological innovation, as far back as 1883. The Swiss company created an innovative way of creating an excellent working environment and introduced new quality control criteria before anyone else, Alpina has always sought ways to improve how things are done.

Switzerland has been synonymous with quality watch-making craftsmanship throughout the history of the industry, with Swiss-made timepieces renowned across the globe for their excellence and precision engineering. Alpina watches were one of the first recognised brands categorised as ‘sports’ watches since the launch of the Alpina 4 back in 1938.

While the Alpina brand suffered a set-back along with other Swiss horologists during the ‘quartz crisis’, when cheap, mass-produced watches gained popularity over supreme Swiss mechanics, the brand made a comeback in 2002. The introduction of several new lines for men and ladies including the all-new Alpiner 4 and the Alpina Seastrong Diver 300, which brought the Alpina watch definitively back to the top of the market. You can also stay connected with their range of bluetooth smartwatches.

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Amelia Austin Amelia Austin Watches Banner

Amelia Austin, from humble beginnings, is growing into a wellness brand on a mission to empower women to not just move more, but look great while doing it.

When being designed, Amelia Austin realised two important things:

Firstly, generic, mainstream fitness trackers don’t look good with formal or evening wear. Women have to take off their fitness trackers to wear their stylish, elegant watch which became increasingly inconvenient.

Secondly, smart watches that do look good, all seem to have a big digital screen and a very “techy” feel. So they were left with a question.

What if we could design a watch that receives messages, shows you who’s calling, tracks steps and exercise, monitors sleep and so much more but without the look of a fitness tracker or the techy screen of a smartwatch? A watch that would look good with any outfit.

And Amelia Austin was born.

Designed in the UK, the company create timepieces that are fashionable and functional. Buy any Amelia Austin watch at Watchshop now for less than £50

Andreas Osten Andreas Osten Watches Banner

Andreas Osten collection of watches is defined through neutral and pastel colors, simple shape and sincere stylishness. Inspired by the Scandinavian style, the brand creates contemporary watches bringing out the beauty from simplicity. Purity is the prevalent mood of the collection.

Anne Klein Anne Klein Watches Banner

Anne Klein watches are a part of the innovative and forward-thinking Anne Klein brand pioneered by the eponymous fashion designer in America in 1968. Synonymous with fashionable US sportswear for over half a century, the Anne Klein label works under the philosophy that the women who wear the clothes and accessories are those who will change the world.

The Anne Klein label works in collaboration with a number of international fashion designers to produce a range of products that can be described as the ‘elevated essentials’ that will always be found to the front of the wardrobe, and this range of Anne Klein watches certainly fits the bill. Anne Klein watches have an elegant simplicity that never goes out of style and span intricate and delicate jewellery-based styles to more functional everyday wear. Meanwhile, the Anne Klein jewellery collection offers complementary accessories to complete your look.

Apple Watches Apple Watches Banner

Apple Watch can do what your other devices can’t because it’s on your wrist. When you wear it, you get a fitness partner that measures all the ways you move, meaningful health insights, and a connection to the people and things you care about most. And it’s always just a glance away.
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Armani Exchange Armani Exchange Watches Banner

Armani Exchange was created as a sub-brand by world-renowned fashion designer Giorgio Armani in 1991, targeting a wider global audience and inspired by dance music and street-chic culture. Armani Exchange watches are designed for those who want to express themselves freely through their choice of clothing and accessories, choosing edgier fashions without compromising on quality of materials or design.

The Armani Exchange collection at Watch Shop ranges from big, bold timepieces in gold, silver and black to more delicate, elegant wristwatches, each with the distinctive Armani Exchange logo playing a role in the overall design. The Armani brand is renowned for quality, fashion and flamboyant Italian style. Armani Exchange brings the premium brand to a more accessible level without losing that prestigious edge. Team with stunning silver jewellery from the Emporio Armani collection for an extra layer of dazzle.

Armani Exchange Connected Armani Connected Watches Banner

Armani Exchange Connected watches offer connectivity to your chosen device via Bluetooth. Your Armani Exchange watch already looks smart. But now it really is smart, with the While each timepiece is as modern as can be in terms of technology, the aesthetics are traditionally masculine, perfect for a businessman who needs to react fast to incoming texts and calls, while looking dapper through the day.

AVI-8 AVI-8 Banner

AVI-8 brand inspiration was founded in 2012 and design excellence originates from the collaboration between pilots and engineers who served in air forces around the world. This combination of design, attention to detail, and passion has resulted in the success that is the AVI-8 story. Every collection is an explicit homage to the planes, people and history of military aviation. Each timepiece brings to life the detail and narrative of the inspiration to delight and engage the wearer.

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